With over 30 years of teaching experience in São Paulo, New York and Berlin, I offer professional and individualized instruction for pianists of all skill levels.

I seek to address both the technical and musical development of each student, so that you can get beyond “the mere notes” to the music itself; and so that you can express yourself through the music. For some, this involves a greater emphasis on musical form-analysis and theory; for others, the basics of technique need to be addressed. The pianist Arthur Schnabel’s famous motto sums it up: to learn to play well is to “walk freely on firm ground.”


Skills and focal points:

– Developing a flowing and efficient technical mechanism. The role of the arm (rotation) and the “structured hand” are both crucial.

– Sight-reading and transposition

– Applied theory (harmony/counterpoint) and formal analysis

– Tonal improvisation (after 18th-Century/Baroque principles)

– Mental practice and other strategies to optimize your practice time

– Accompaniment sessions for singers and instrumentalists.

– Preparation for entrance exams (Hochschule)

– Adult beginners and children from 7 years of age are welcome!


What is the Group Piano Lesson?

In addition to normal one-on-one lessons, I offer a monthly group lesson or “master class” for students who have pieces they’d like to perform in a small, informal and low-pressure group. The idea here is similar to the group or master classes that one encounters at the conservatory level, only with less of an accent of perfection of performance. In fact, students of all skill levels are welcome to participate, since even the most advanced students and “intermediate” level players share common concerns about technique, musicality, memory, performance anxiety, and so on. Performing in a group is the best way to sharpen musical concentration and overcome stage fright. And the sharing of ongoing projects affords an opportunity for everyone involved to broaden their musical horizons.

The group lesson ranges from three to about seven participants and takes place once a month, on the last Sunday of the month at 7 P.M.